Oska Burman and Andy Manson
With renowned luthier Andy Manson. At the Holy Grail Guitar Show, Berlin, 2018

There have always been guitars around me from a very early age. Little did I know back then that luthiery was to become an integral part of my life.

Originally from Australia, I grew up and spent most of my life in Brisbane, Queensland. I was classically trained as a child, going on to complete Grade 5 of the Trinity College of London examinations for guitar.

My path in life changed dramatically when a work colleague and fellow guitarist casually commented, “Imagine what it’d be like to make guitars?” Something momentous clicked in my head and I began researching all that I could to find out about luthiery.

Within a year or so, I’d packed up my entire life and emigrated to the UK, to rediscover my family’s Scottish roots and to travel, but ultimately to study instrument making. For more than the past decade, I have also worked as a Structural Draughtsman, discovering my love of luthiery along the way. The two disciplines go hand in hand in many ways, both having a strong focus on problem solving, detail and design.

Having first studied under the tuition of Phil Messer at the Totnes School of Guitarmaking in Devon, I then spent the next four years at Glasgow Clyde College, under the tuition of Scottish luthiers Bill Kelday, Paul Hyland and Michael Ritchie, where I developed and honed my skills as an instrument maker.

During my studies, I was awarded the Craftex Award and The Incorporation of Wrights (Glasgow) – “Certificate of Distinction” award for my instruments.

I’m now based in Glasgow, Scotland (UK) where I have my own studio workshop in the old Barclay Curle shipyard, making fine quality, bespoke, handcrafted guitars.